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Check it out!

(the site may not be updated on all servers for another 24 hours so if you can’t access it, check back later!)



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All the original timeslots have officially been filled. I am opening up a Thursday at 3:30, (Friday at 10:00am,11:45am and 1:30pm have been booked) for those of you who were unable to paypal your deposits but would love to have your fab shoot! 

If you are able to send out your deposit tomorrow and would like one of the spots mentioned above, send me an email ASAP to and let me know! I will reserve the spots in the order I receive the emails. If your deposit is not received within 3 days, I will notify the next person on the list and so on. 

Of course, paypal deposits will still be accepted as confirmation if I do not hear from anyone else who is unable to use paypal first.

Thanks Girlies!

New Blog Coming Soon!

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stay tuned…..

Potential Dates and Location for SoCal Boudoir Marathon!

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Hi girls! If you’ve already contacted me about this session, you should’ve already received an email full of info with preliminary info. But if you are considering joining, here it is!

January 2-5, 2009 in Huntington Beach, CA!!!!

If you can make it there during that timeframe and would like to be included, just send me an email to and I’ll send you all the info about how to book!

This marathon is slightly different than many you may have heard about up to this point. I will be staying in this swanky hotel room for 3 whole nights so that I will only be shooting 4 girls per day. I want each girl to have my full energy and artistic attention. The room is chic and modern and has TONS of natural light pouring in so the lighting for each girl will be ideal. Your shooting time will be an hour and a half which is more than enough time to shoot since it is basically one location. Shoots in my studio take two to three hours because of adjusting the lighting every few shots so the actual shooting time is more like 45 minutes to an hour. No need in sunny SoCal with all that glorious natual light! Because I won’t be rushed, you’ll get plenty of gorgeous shots and really feel like it’s all about YOU!

So send those emails quickly, it’s a first come-first served situation! While I have more than enough girls interested, it all depends on who decides they are definitely ‘in’ and can sign the contract and return the deposit.

Have a lovely day in sunny SoCal, can’t wait to meet you all!

– Danielle

SoCal Boudoir Poll has been sent!

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Check your email if you’ve already given us your info and make sure you send back your answers quickly!

If you have not yet emailed us about being included, do it now! (yeah, I’m bossy).

Southern California Boudoir Marathon!

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I’ve got a few girls in the lineup already so I’m currently planning a marathon in sunny SoCal! If you’re interested,all I need from you is to tell me your location and the furthest you’re willing to travel. Also the time frame you’re looking at for doing this. Please tell me the soonest you can do this and the lateset.

I’ll get all the info from everyone and then I’ll send everyone out the dates and location!

So send me your requests to


– Danielle

Rod and Roma Pt. 2!

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Finally Getting Up To Speed

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A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients! I appreciate your patience and understanding through my difficult couple of weeks. Everything should be back on track and on time. I’m getting VERY well acquainted with the people at the post office (especially the adorable asian man who everytime I tell him I need to overnight something, he says ‘that’s going to be very expensive for you!). Thanks Dude, I know. I need an errand runner! Now accepting interns! lol…

Rod And Roma’s Wedding Day (Part 1)!

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I was happy to be second string for Rod and Roma’s Wedding Day. I didn’t get to shoot as much as I would’ve liked to but I did have a great time even though I was working, go figure! Rod and Roma and all their friends and family were so amazing. Such an huge amount of love, laughter and life in everyone present. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!

The Saga of The Bridesmaid’s Dress That Could

My Apologies!

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Due to some unexpected personal issues, I’ve gotten myself a week or two behind on all of my current orders. If you need your order ASAP, please send me an email to info@daniellefletcherphotography and let me know. Also, if that wasn’t fun enough, I’m experiencing some technical difficulties! My poor MAC has just about had it with me I believe. Time to upgrade! (I wish!). So hopefully that won’t be a huge issue and everything will continue on as normal here in the next couple of weeks. Again, huge apologies for any inconvenience. As I am reminded of constantly (and listen begrudgingly), I’m just ONE WOMAN! But… I should be able to do it all and then some, right? 😉

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